Our Team

  • Mr.ENZO Chiappa
    Managing Director

    “Enerray UAC (Thailand) Co., Ltd., (“EUT”), originates from a joint venture between the Thai company, “UAC Global Plc.,” and the Italian company, “Enerray S.p.A.” The references that EUT can have, together with the high professionalism and specialization of its staff, constitute the real value of the company. In addition, in the renewable energy sector and specifically industrial solar panel systems, EUT was the first company in Thailand also carrying out a first pilot project under the aegis of the government. Since then, EUT has been operating its business in solar panel systems for seven years in which important plants have been built, each one of them is highly profitable and still in operation to the full satisfaction of the clients. Furthermore, EUT aims to develop its presence on the Thai market and in the future in the ASEAN market through an offer that takes into account the technological innovations that the market offers from time to time. As a consequence, this is possible through continuous research and selection in order to propose the most convenient and modern solutions aimed at the efficiency of the plants and the improvement of their profitability.”

  • Mrs. Aree Pleekhun.
    Board of Director

    In times of energy crisis is scarce and expensive. Renewable energy is one option. that make everyone use and be friendly to the environment. Energy UAC (Thailand) Co., Ltd. We would like to be a part in bringing renewable energy to benefit, and willing to give advice as well as designing and solving problems, enabling customers to benefit from renewable energy in the form of solar energy. When there is sunshine, Don’t worry be Sunny.

  • Mr.Patcharapoom Yookasem.
    Board of Director

    Enerray UAC (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (“the Company”) was established in 2016. Currently, the Company aims to be a leader in solar power energy or known as Green and sustainable renewable energy in Thailand and also look forward to serving countries located in nearby regions in the near future. Over the past 5 years, the company has been employed by more than 20 companies. Currently the company never stop developing research and provide services to customers. Both in the form of a Turn-Key Project (Turn key), a form of engineering, procurement and construction (Engineering Procurement and Construction: EPC) and an Operation & Maintenance (O&M) model. Knowledgeable experts a team of professional staff who are responsible for every step of the work has made Enerray UAC (Thailand) Co., Ltd. have received great feedback and satisfaction from customers continuously.

  • Mr.Jongrak Kemsawad.
    Country Manager

    We are one stop service and Energy Efficiency solution provider by Solar power. Let Enerray UAC be your partner.

  • Project Manager

    We are a leading company in renewable energy development. In the Solar system business with strategies and cost-friendly developments in the country’s business and resulting in the highest efficiency more than 13 years around the world, please be confident in our technology and innovation. To assist of the development your energy and the environment.